Saturday, October 24, 2015

Why Signs are So Comforting

     If you have lost a loved one and received a sign from that person, then you know first-hand what a comfort it is to get a special message from heaven.  I have had many people tell me that they have gotten a sign, but were even afraid to tell family members for fear that they would not understand.

     Having spoken to hundreds of people from all over the world regarding signs, my feeling is that when you get one, it is important to write it down and/or take a picture of it.  Two years ago, I was watching a movie and at the end of it, the credits came on.  I rarely watch movie credits, a real "no-no" for someone who was raised within an earshot of the movie studios in southern California.  But that day, I decided to keep them rolling.  A few seconds later, a name came across the screen and it was the first and last name of my deceased father!  That was a sign I never expected.

     Now, I am not one to think that "everything" is a sign.  In other words, just because a butterfly goes past if I am standing in the yard, I do not assume it is a message for me.  It has been my experience that most signs are quite specific.  However, they can come in ways that one might never expect.  I feel that receiving a sign is a true blessing.  I make sure to write it down whenever I receive one.  I would suggest that you do, also.

     Even though our loved ones have passed on, that does not mean that they cannot find a way to reach us.  Signs are only one manner in which they can communicate.  Another way is through dreams, although we might not remember all of them.

     If you have lost a loved one and have not received a sign, that does not mean that the person is not around you.  It is possible that you were sent a sign, but did not recognize it at the time.  I find that when someone is not looking for a sign, that is when they seem to happen!

     As I was writing this specific post, a small white feather floated down and landed on my computer.  My feeling is that because of the timing of it, this post could be instrumental in helping someone to recognize messages from heaven when they happen.  I wish you many signs and hope that your loved ones send them.

If you would like to read more about signs, I have a free ebook entitled Love You Forever:  Signs from Loved Ones in Heaven.  If you click this link, it will take you to it:

Cindy Adkins

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  1. My son leaves me feathers, but only when I ask. One time though, I was feeling really down and a white feather floated down and across my window.

    1. That is amazing! I couldn't believe it happened to me when I wrote this little article...I thought it meant that I was supposed to.