"Pennies from Heaven" Labels

I just designed these special labels. If you would like to make your own "Pennies from Heaven" jar to store pennies in from your special angel, here's what you need:  a jar; small paint brush; Mod Podge (which you can buy at a craft store); and a printed label from below.  Directions:  Click on the label and save to your desktop. Print out the label.  Decide if you want it to go on the lid or the front of the jar.  (For the lid, choose the round one.)  Print it out adjusting size on your printer program if necessary.  Then, attach Mod Podge on the front and back of the label and "paint" it on.  Make sure there are no bubbles and that it has gone on flat.  Allow to dry~all done!!!  (P.S. I rarely check messages on here, so if you need to reach me, send a private message to my Facebook page, Angels at My Door.)

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