Monday, October 26, 2015

A Dream Comes True

Roberta Kendall wrote: It was a few years after my mom (Millie Kendall) had passed. I was stressed and worried about my son.....He was very upset as he wasn't able to find work. I went to bed praying for him and asked God to please help him find employment......I never dreamt about my ma, but that night I did. In the dream, I was out in my huge backyard and suddenly my mom appeared, walked past me calmly and in her way that she had said, "He's going to be alright, Roberta" and she was gone........It gave me such peace. Later that day, I had forgotten about the dream with everyday goings on, until my son came home and was overjoyed with the news that he had found a job! I'll never forget that. It makes me feel blessed and loved every time I think of it. I miss her every day--her laugh, advice, prayers, and love. She was the best mom and was a preacher's wife for over 50 years.

The picture is of Millie Kendall holding Roberta when she was a baby.

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  1. I loved it Berta's as I Love You too:):) We both have gone through so many similar situations and I feel like your my Sister:):) Congrats:):)