Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wearable Art!

Personalized Domino Necklace--This is wearable art that takes about a week to make....but it's worth the wait!  $19.99 & Shipping and Handling to the U.S.  Send an inbox message to Angels at My Door on Facebook.  Please send a picture of your loved one and your email address so you can be sent an invoice.  Once it is paid for, work will begin.  Also, please send me your phone number in case I have a question AND your mailing address so the item can be sent to you.  Some quick details:  The chain is 24" long, so you can slip it over your head.  No need to unclasp it.  Don't wear this art in the shower or in water, like a pool or ocean.  Don't get it wet.  (Pictures here from left to right are Sgt. Eladio "Kiki" Parra, Chris Farra, and Al Jones.)  This is a substantial piece created from a real domino.

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