Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Your Angel's Trying to Reach You!

     So many people ask me if their loved one who has passed on is trying to reach them.  Perhaps they have gotten a sign or a gnawing feeling that won't go away.  What I always tell someone who asks such a question is, "If you feel like your angel is trying to reach you, chances are that is the case!"  The reasons may vary from just wanting to say "hello" to bringing you comfort on a day that is difficult.

     Signs that we get are each different and can range from a feather softly falling down in front of us to seeing our loved one's name on the credits of a television show (both of which have happened to me.)  When someone has the feeling that their loved one is near, it is my feeling that it's important to pay attention.

     Yes, your special angel could definitely be trying to reach you.  We often think of heaven as a place that is so far away.  I think of it as a parallel dimension in which our loved ones can still communicate with us.  So, if you feel like your angel is giving you a "shout out" from paradise, embrace the moment and say "thank you" to the person in spirit for making him/herself known.

     Loving blessings to you,

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