Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Ascending Butterfly" Scarf

$75.00~"Ascending Butterfly" Scarf~Wear this delicate chiffon scarf in memory of your loved one. (Approx. 60" L X 23" W.)  You will also receive an "Ascending Butterfly" Prayer Card with your order.   Before you wear the scarf, you can say the special prayer for your angel.  Available in PINK & TURQUOISE--truly luxurious.  To order, just send an inbox message to Angels at My Door on Facebook or to ~$5.00 S/H to the U.S. only. Specify the color you want.  Be sure to include your email address so you can be sent an invoice.  It is payable with Paypal or a credit card.  Limited quantities available!  Include your mailing address & phone number. (To view larger, just click the image above.)  * * *Also, if you click on the link below, there is an awesome video I found on Youtube.  It shows different ways to tie a scarf!

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